Choosing the Right Red Wine

July 10, 2018

Even with acute taste buds, choosing the perfect wine can be hard. It’s important to consider price range, taste compatibility, and notes the wine hits on before ordering a glass at a restaurant or splurging on a bottle in a wine store. Today, Central PA Winery & Brewery Tours will be focusing on helping you discover the perfect red wine!


For an easy to pair wine, try Merlot. With bold and fruity layers, the noticeable taste goes well with a variety of dishes. It has a softer finish compared to other red wines; however, because Merlot is so popular, the exact taste can vary significantly from bottle to bottle. We recommend you try Merlot alongside light meats.


If you’re looking for a wine to drink alongside a hearty, rich, and flavorful meal, Cabernet Sauvignon may be the wine for you. This full-bodied wine contains layers of currant, dark berries, and olive, creating a strong, savory taste. If you’re enjoying a heavier meat such as a hamburger or steak, consider Cabernet Sauvignon. A bonus in favor of Cab Sauv is that this wine is often a cheaper option considering how easy Cabernet grapes grow! However, beware that it is not advised to pair this red wine with chocolate.


Zinfandel provides a fruity and rich flavor thanks to the hints of cherry, raisin, and raspberry used in its creation. Indian food is a must when drinking Zinfandel! It pairs excellently with curry and other spiced dishes such as barbeque because of its slight sweetness. However, if you are opting to eat a lighter meal it’s important to know that this wine is highly alcoholic and may overpower that type of dish.


Last but not least for our red wine suggestions is Pinot Noir. If you’re looking for extravagance or a reason to splurge or impress, Pinot Noir is a great option. This wine is particularly high in price due to the difficulty in growing the Pinot grapes. This red wine has a several nuanced flavors, including black cherry and hints of spice, which combine together for a complex and rich taste. Pinot Noir is perfectly paired with roasted mushrooms and a juicy steak or even better with a decadent chocolate dessert.


Looking to try several red wines on this list? Then a tour is a great option! Book today with Central PA Winery & Brewery Tours. Red wines beyond just the ones featured in this post are bound to excite your taste buds on one of the tours. With a variety of locations and wines to choose from, there’s a perfect wine out there for everyone. Visit our website to schedule your tour.


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