Wine Pairings: To Complement or to Contrast?

July 5, 2018

Having trouble pairing a wine with your meal? Consider the two Cs the next time you’re choosing a wine: complement or contrast. Are you looking for your wine to complement or contrast the flavors you have on your plate? When you take this approach, it’s much easier to find a wine that pairs well with your palate.

For example, a complementary pairing may be a citrus, light white wine to go along with a lemon chicken entrée. This will highlight key tastes within your drink and food. Another example would be complementing the creamy béchamel sauce of macaroni and cheese with a white wine such as Pinot Grigio. The high acidity of the white wine will go beautifully with the fat in the macaroni.

In contrast, a Rose may be interesting when paired with an oily curry dish. The notes will play off each other creating a contrasting taste. Acidity and texture are important to consider if you’re looking for contrasting flavors. You may want to pair acidic foods with a fuller, less bitter wine. As well, a complex dish that holds several flavors, such as Paella, would go well with a simpler, well-balanced wine. Therefore, the dish would be the meals’ focus with a palate-cleansing wine as a side.

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