White Wines To Try This Summer

July 12, 2018

In our last blog post, we spotlighted spectacular red wines we recommend you try. Now, we’ve decided to feature some delicious white wines that you can try for yourself when you book a tour with Central PA Winery & Brewery Tours.

To start, with a citrusy and crisp flavor, Chardonnay is a versatile wine that is well-balanced and easy to pair with meals. Notes of green apple, fig, and pear are just a few of the flavors found in a good Chardonnay. Some may even include the taste of vanilla if it is “oaked.” Additionally, this wine is budget friendly, considering it is often on the cheaper side.

Sauvignon Blanc is our next white wine recommendation. If you’re looking for a wine to pair with a casual appetizer or lighter dish, this is the one for you! A citrusy wine, Sauvignon Blanc is fairly common and works well with simple meals, such as grilled chicken and vegetables. It is also perfect for cooking with; due to its acidity, the wine’s flavor will not be too overpowering.

Finally, Riesling is as versatile as wines get. With tastes ranging from sweet and strong to dry and sharp, this is one powerful wine. Drier versions are great to eat alongside shellfish and spicy foods, such as Asian dishes. Riesling also works great with desserts due to its sweet taste.

Central PA Winery & Brewery Tours would love to supply you an opportunity to taste a variety of white wines. Visit our website for our tour options and schedules. Plan your tour today!


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