About Us

Central PA Winery & Brewery Tours provides a door-to-door service to various wineries & breweries in Central Pennsylvania.

We provide eight-hour tours of various wineries & breweries throughout Central Pennsylvania.  Additionally, water is provided as well. If you’re a business owner, Central PA Winery and Brewery Tours is a great way to entertain clients, employees and friends. This may include Employee Appreciation Month, Employee recognition, hosting a client event or providing opportunity for team building. Central PA Winery and Brewery Tours are also great for groups.

One of the benefits to our service is that we only allow 11 people to be transported. We believe this is a good number for a group. Passengers are transported in a 12-passenger van. Please visit our tour page for tours and pricing.


Owner: Gary Grant
Gary Grant is an entrepreneur who resides in Carlisle, PA.  He has been in the business for eight years.  Gary enjoys spending time with his family and his dog, Sadie.  He’s an avid hiker and has hiked 900 miles on the Appalachian Trail. He is also very involved in his community and gives 1/2 gallons of milk to his community every Sunday.

Strategist/Human Resources: Adrian Heindel
Adrian is an entrepreneur who also resides in Carlisle, PA.  During the day she works for Quest Diagnostics.  She works behind the scenes with strategic analysis and human resources.  Adrian enjoys taking hikes with her husband and dog as well.  Both she and Gary are passionate about Central PA Winery and Brewery Tours and are very excited about the company’s future growth.

Professional Driver:

Ken and Tom are our drivers for this service.