How many people may be included in a tour?
Tours may include up to 11 people.
What if I am booking for a group?
We will need to know this when you make your reservation along with everybody’s names and contact information.
Do you provide food or a beverage on the tour?
No. We provide water.
When does the time for the tour start?
The time starts once the driver leaves the pick up location.
How long will we spend at each winery and brewery?
Typically we spend 30 – 45 minutes at each location.
What if we want to stay at one of the wineries/breweries longer?
We can stay at a destination longer; however, we may not be able to visit all of the locations within the time frame.
What if we want to stay at a few of the wineries longer and go over our time?
After 8 hours, the charge will be $100/hr for each additional hour.
Do I get to pick the wineries/route?
We have set routes that you can choose from. However, if you want to reserve for the day and create your own tour you can as well.
What time is pick-up and drop-off?
This varies by what time your tour is scheduled.
When should I expect the driver to arrive at my house?
The driver will arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.
How long will the driver wait if a member of my group is running late for our pickup?
We will wait up to 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
How far in advance do I have to book my tour?
You have to book your tour at least 14 days in advance.
If I need to cancel, can I get a refund?
No, if you cancel your reservation we will extend a credit for 6 months from the date of the reservation.
Can we bring alcohol along to drink in the van?
Sorry, no alcohol, vaping, or smoking is permitted in the van.
Can we take food or beverages into the wineries?
No. The wineries do not allow outside food, open containers, or alcohol from other establishments.
Are tasting and tour fees included?
How much are the wine tasting fees?
Wine fees are typically around $5-$8 and can run up to $20 for VIP packages.
How much are the brewery tasting fees?
Fees range from $6-$15.
Do all of the wineries and breweries do tours?
No. There are a few that only do tasting.
What is the typical gratuity for the driver?
20% is the standard industry rate.
Do I need to call to confirm pickup?
No. We will contact you the night before.
May I bring a child along on the tour?
No. Everyone attending must be at least 21 years of age.
Is there room in the van to store any wine that I buy?
Yes, we have a 12-passenger van so there will be plenty of room for your purchases. The van is temperature-controlled and we will also have a cooler with ice packs to keep the wine cool.
Is the van wheelchair accessible?
When do I pay for my reservation?
Reservations are paid in full when you book your tour.
Where do we get picked up and dropped off?
We only pick up and drop off at one location. This location must be your place of residence. We cannot pick you up at any other location i.e., Walmart, park & ride, etc.
Can we mix the tours?
Yes. However, we have the tours set up to get you to the closest wineries and breweries within your time frame.
Do we have to go to all of the wineries or breweries?
No. If you would like to only stop at certain wineries or breweries on your tour we can arrange that. The cost will remain the same.
What is the busiest time for the wineries?
Saturdays are normally their busiest time, and it can get very loud if bands are playing.
Will the tour be cancelled due to bad weather?
We will have the tour rain or shine unless it is severe weather.