Wine Tasting Etiquette

October 25, 2016

This blog post is going to give a quick outline on wine tasting guidelines and etiquette for first-time or beginner wine tasters. These aren’t rules by any means, it is just meant to give our guests some tips on how to make your tour more enjoyable.

To kick us off we’ll discuss attire. Wine tasting does not have to be an overly formal event. On our tours in particular, guests will spend time both outside and inside; touring vineyards. Thus, clothes that are weather appropriate will keep you comfortable.

Next, let’s talk about ordering the wine. It is always best to look at the pricing of the wines so you can have a healthy balance between more expensive and cheaper options. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to share wines with friends or order many wines to pass around to all. Finally, our tours stop at multiple locations and guests try many drinks throughout the day or night. Thus, it is best to pace yourself so that you can have a fun and safe time throughout the tour.

Finally, let’s cover the tasting itself. It is best to hold the wine by the stem so your fingers don’t tamper with the temperature of the wine itself. Swirling the wine is a great way to make sure the tastes and aromas are properly accelerated. Before drinking the wine, inhale and take in all the smells and aromas the wine has to offer. This will enhance your tasting experience. Then when one tastes, swirling the wine in your mouth will bring out all the different tastes your wine has to offer.

Following these guidelines will help first time wine tasters to have a more pleasurable experience on our tours. And don’t forget to buy or order any wines that strike your fancy as we go from winery to winery. Be sure to ask the waiters and waitresses about their wines’ ordering and shipping options. Buying wines on the tour will help you to remember all the fun times you had with your friends on Central PA Winery and Brewery Tours.



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