Crosswind Winery at Hershey

May 2, 2017

Crosswind Winery at Hershey is a fairly new Winery compared to the other stops on our tour.  They began growing their grapes in the early 1990s, and despite their comparatively recent entry into the winery market, they make very fine wines.  In this location one can look out from the tasting room on to rows and rows of grape vines.  Also, if you ask the owners will tell you where they build their airport, as the owners are pilots and enjoy looking over their winery with a low flying aircraft.  On to the wines: the blueberry wine is a hit!  The blueberry wine is called “Tailspin Blueberry”, it has a bold bright color and an even sweeter taste.  For a lighter wine, the Riesling is loved by patrons for its crisp and refreshing taste.  We look forward to driving you to Crosswind Winery at Hershey.

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