Diakon Partnership

March 7, 2017

Central PA Winery and Brewery Tours is very excited to announce a new partnership with Diakon Services, particularly their Youth Services.  We will work with Diakon to develop special events, offerings, and donation drives to support this wonderful foundation.  For those who are first hearing about Diakon we would like to provide you with some information.  Diakon strives to enhance the lives of thousands of local residents through the varied services they provide.  Diakon uses adoption, foster care, and at-risk youth services such as counseling.  With centers located in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and New Bloomfield

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Reid’s Orchard

February 21, 2017

Reid’s Orchard is another beautiful location for wine tasting.  They make their own white, red, rosé, and hard ciders all in Ortanna PA right outside of Gettysburg.  Because all of their products are made on site they can keep prices of all their bottles low.  On this tour our van will take you up Buchanan Valley to the overlook that is their wine tasting room.  Customers rave about the semi-sweet red wines and dry white wines.  Along with the wine tastings customers also can also order cheese and chocolates paired with their wines and

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Halbrendt Vineyard

February 14, 2017

Halbrendt Vineyard is another stop on the Gettysburg tour.  Halbrendt is a small, family owned, winery that specializes in artisan wines from estate and locally grown fruit.  The family makes all their own wine.  Customers have pointed out the Vidal Blanc dry white wine is delicious.  This wine is crisp with floral notes, and a hint of melon and pear.  If you are looking for a red wine, their Cabernet Franc is a great, original wine.  The Cabernet has spicy notes with a hint of pepper, cloves and black currants.  

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