Angry Orchard’s Brewery

November 10, 2016

The final stop on the Carlisle winery and brewery tour is neither a winery nor a beer brewery. Big Hill Ciders makes hard ciders exclusively. Located on South Mountain, Big Hill uses two small Pennsylvania farms to create their entire menu of apple-based beverages. With over forty varieties apples ranging from bitter to sweet, Big Hill has the capability to make ciders over every taste range. This stop on the tour will not only allow guests to try a variety of hard ciders, but also the visit beautiful apple orchards from which these brews are made.


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Beer Tasting Guidelines

November 8, 2016

Guidelines to beer tasting are similar to those of wine tasting.

1: First it is important to know what the different types of beers are.  For example, pale ales have a lighter color and tend to have a bitter taste that is lighter than darker beers.  They typically have a fruitier and easier taste to them than maltier beers.  Another type of beer is an Indian Pale Ale (IPA).  IPA’s are more bitter and tend to have a higher alcohol content.  They have a fuller flavor, are darker, and and have higher hop bitterness.  

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Rhone Brewing Company

November 4, 2016

One of the more unique stops on this tour is the Rhone Brewing Company. Instead of a bar or restaurant this establishment offers the opportunity to learn how to brew and bottle your own beer. Even if you don’t yet have an interest in home brewing, the experts at the Rhone Brewing Company will walk you through the fascinating process. Rhone Brewing offers all the ingredients, equipment, and recipes you need, not to mention the dedicated staff that will explain every step of the process. Tour groups will be able to brew on-site in their fully automated brew system.


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