Beer Tasting Guidelines

November 8, 2016

Guidelines to beer tasting are similar to those of wine tasting.

1: First it is important to know what the different types of beers are.  For example, pale ales have a lighter color and tend to have a bitter taste that is lighter than darker beers.  They typically have a fruitier and easier taste to them than maltier beers.  Another type of beer is an Indian Pale Ale (IPA).  IPA’s are more bitter and tend to have a higher alcohol content.  They have a fuller flavor, are darker, and and have higher hop bitterness.  Finally, Brown ales are, as you would expect, are much darker than the other beers we have discussed.  They are fuller, have an even more bitter flavor, and are highly hopped.

2: While you are tasting your beers you will want a few things in your environment.  Firstly, it is always best to be in a relaxed atmosphere.  Secondly, you will want to have a glass of water with you, along with bread or crackers to have in between beers. This will keep your palate fresh and ready for the upcoming tasting.  It is important that the beer is the centerpiece of the tasting.  Once you have chosen your favorite beer, you can eat it with your meal.  As with the wine tasting, it is incredibly important that you pace yourself.  Safety is the number one priority on our winery and brewery tours, so pacing your drinking will keep you, and the group, having as much fun as possible throughout the day.

3: Finally, when actually tasting the beer there are a few techniques you should use.  Just like with wine tasting it is totally acceptable to take in the aroma of your beer before you sip.  When drinking, you can swirl the beer around in your mouth and take in all the rich and subtle flavors in each of the beers.  Following these steps will allow your to have an immensely enjoyable experience with us, on Central PA Winery and Brewery Tours.

For more information on beer tasting check out this link.


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