How many people may be included in a tour?
What if I am booking for a group?
Do you provide food or a beverage on the tour?
Can you substitute the food if I have a food allergy?
When does the time for the tour start?
How long will we spend at each winery and brewery?
What if we want to stay at one of the wineries/breweries longer?
What if we want to stay at a few of the wineries longer and go over our time?
Do I get to pick the wineries/route?
What time is pick-up and drop-off?
When should I expect the driver to arrive at my house?
How long will the driver wait if a member of my group is running late for our pickup?
How far in advance do I have to book my tour?
If I need to cancel, can I get a refund?
Can we bring alcohol along to drink in the van?
Can we take food or beverages into the wineries?
Are tasting and tour fees included?
How much are the wine tasting fees?
How much are the brewery tasting fees?
Do all of the wineries and breweries do tours?
What is the typical gratuity for the driver?
Do I need to call to confirm pickup?
May I bring a child along on the tour?
Is there room in the van to store any wine that I buy?
Is the van wheelchair accessible?
When do I pay for my reservation?
Where do we get picked up and dropped off?
Can we mix the tours?
Do we have to go to all of the wineries or breweries?
What is the busiest time for the wineries?
Will the tour be cancelled due to bad weather?
How can I purchase a Central PA Winery and Brewery t-shirt or sweatshirt?
How much do the t-shirts and sweatshirts cost?